ISKCON Resolve ombuds are highly confidential. Their service provides you with the opportunity to talk or write to a skilled listener about your concern or problem. You may not want others to know about your situation, or you may fear the consequences of speaking up against someone, or you may just need some information about ISKCON and how it runs, and you don’t know where else to turn for an answer.

As trained Ombuds, we will hear you out, and offer you options on how to deal with the situation. Often, just having someone listen to you carefully provides you with relief. We are happy to serve you in that way.  At your request, we may even contact the person or group you are having difficulty with, either with the hopes of improving the situation or setting up a mediation for you.

The Ombuds Office is an independent, neutral, confidential and informal resource. It does not accept formal complaints or notice for ISKCON. If you wish to make a record, or put ISKCON “on notice”, that is, to make ISKCON formally aware of a particular problem, we can provide information on how to do so.